Everything you need to know about Ultrasound Scans during Pregnancy

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Has your doctor ever recommended you have a scan and bring him the entire report? What do you understand when told anything about the ultrasound scans? What is your view on having an ultrasound during your pregnancy journey? Do you know that an ultrasound scan must be the mother’s best friend as it helps to give world knowledge about your baby, what it needs, and how to provide proper care? 

However, new parents often need help understanding which scans to involve themselves with, and as a result of this, the guide below will assist you on how you can choose the type of ultrasound scan. 

  • Information you get from ultrasound

Ultrasounds help to keep you updated on the baby’s progress, but initially, it could be used to ensure that you are pregnant. If you think you are pregnant, you can visit areas such as ultrasound san antonio, where you can understand how far you are with the pregnancy. 

Another time to consider having an ultrasound scan is when you have vaginal bleeding during your pregnancy. 

Do you know that an average of 20-30% of women experiences bleeding, especially during the first stages of pregnancy? The bleeding may point out some miscarriages, but it can never be proven. However, having an ultrasound scan can help determine whether the embryo is okay by tracking its heartbeat. The scans also help to identify ectopic pregnancies, where the embryo implants itself outside the womb lining. This type of pregnancy can be dangerous to the mother, and there are high risks of rupturing with some internal bleeding. 

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The ultrasound centers also help in checking the health of the unborn child. Do you know the delivery date through an ultrasound scan without accuracy? Its scanners normally explain the baby’s growth and position in the womb. Also, you can get to know the gender of your baby through a scan. In addition, if you had any past experiences of premature births for issues in the cervix, the doctors can use an ultrasound to help check the length of the cervix. 

  • When should you schedule your ultrasounds? 

You can book the first ultrasound in areas such as ultrasound san antonio at 6-10 weeks of your pregnancy. Having a scan at this age will help you understand the stage of your pregnancy, the position of the baby, and its due date. At exactly 11-13 weeks, another scan is done to check the baby’s growth as the first trimester combines the blood tests, making it risky for abnormalities. At 18-22 weeks, the doctor using the ultrasound, checks on the baby’s anatomy and other physical defects. 

At this stage, congenital abnormalities can be detected. During the third trimester, the ultrasound helps to assess the pregnancy’s growth and the baby’s position. The placenta’s position can determine whether you can prepare for a natural or cesarean birth. The last scan is at 32 weeks, where you confirm the child’s heart rate and other preventive measures before giving birth. 


Are ultrasounds safe? Yes, they are safe as they don’t use harmful radiation like CT scans. However, internal ultrasound scans, such as the transvaginal, require more preparation, and sedation is sometimes offered during the process. 

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