Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada Doctors List| Phone Number | Services Detail 2023

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In this article, we will discuss the Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada Doctors List and also its Address and Contact Number. The most priceless gift is life, and health is our greatest value. Health maintenance is crucial, and only hospital professionals can make that happen. Around the world, many excellent doctors put forth a lot of effort to improve society and help us live better lives.

Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada Doctors List, Best Hospital in Andhra Pradesh
Welcome to Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada

Ramesh Hospital is one of the excellent hospitals that has earned a great reputation for its high-quality medical care. The main aim of Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada is to provide free healthcare treatment to heal patients. This page will provide the full information on the Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada which is located at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada Doctors List


Cardiologists diagnose, examine, and treat patients with abnormalities and disorders of the cardiovascular system, which includes the heart and blood arteries. If you are looking for a Cardiologist specializing in Consultant Cardiology and Echocardiology, the following name is for you.

Doctor’s NameDegree
Dr. Ramesh Babu PMBBS, MD, DM, FSCAI
Dr. Rama Rao LMBBS, DNB, DNB(Cardiology)
Dr. Krishna Mohan GMBBS, MD, DM
Dr. Bhaskara Naidu PMBBS, MS, DM
Dr. Raja Ramesh NMBBS, MD, DM
Dr. Anup VelagaMBBS, MD, DM

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Doctor’s NameDegree
Dr. Naga Kalyan Ram KapavarapuMBBS, DA, DNB, PDF
Dr. Srinivasa Rao PMBBS, MD
Dr. Chaya Devi PMBBS, MD
Dr. Sowjanya YMBBS, DA, Diploma in Accident Emergency Medicine
Dr. Hima Bindu KMBBS, MD
Dr. Padmaja ChMBBS, DNB
Dr. Ashok YMBBS, DA, DNB, MD

Gastro Science

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Rajesh BathiniMBBS, MD, DM

Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Raju BadipatiMBBS, MS, Fellowship in Advance Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgery

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Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Bala Krishna SMBBS, DNB, DM
Dr. Somasundaram KumaraveluMBBS, MD, DM


An orthopedic surgeon is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in diagnosing, treating, preventing, and rehabilitating injuries, illnesses, and diseases that impact the body’s musculoskeletal system. Read the information that is provided below if you want better care.

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Jagadesh GudaruMBBS, MS, MCh

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Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Viswanath PolineniMBBS, MS, MCh, DAFPRS

Clinical Imaging & Interventional Radiology

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Srikar InugantiMBBS, MD, FVIR, FRCR, Fellowship in Endovascular and Interventional Radiology
Dr. Rama Subramanyam M.V.MBBS, DNB

Endocrinology & Diabetology

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Manju Bhargavi MMBBS, Diploma in Diabetology
Dr. Rakesh BobbaMBBS, MD, DM

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General Surgery and Allied Specialities

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Rama Mohan Rao GMBBS, MS

Cardiac Surgery

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Srinath Reddy NarahariMBBS, MD, DM
Dr. Vasu Dev VMBBS, MD, DM
Dr. Rhazane NMBBS, MS, MCh
Dr. Shiva Prasad B. MukkannavarMBBS, MS, MCh

Internal Medicine

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Purna Chandrarao JMBBS, MD
Dr. Lakshmi Sindhura KMBBS, MD

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Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Sandeep TMBBS, MD, FICM
Dr. Gopi Krishna GMBBS, MD
Dr. Bala Krishna NMBBS, MD, Fellowship in Interventional Pulmonology


Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Ramesh YMBBS, MD, DM

Critical Care Medicine

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Dharanindra MoturuMBBS, MD, DM, EDIC

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Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada Address & Contact Numbers

AddressDoctor Ramesh Hospital Road, Near ITI College Bus stop, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520008
Contact+91 8662463463
Timing 24 Hours Open


What is the address of the Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada?

The address of Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada is Doctor Ramesh Hospital Road, Near ITI College Bus stop, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh 520008.

What is the contact number for Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada?

By this number 0866 246 3463, you can contact Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada.

How to make an appointment at Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada?

To schedule an appointment, the patient must phone the patient service desk at +91 8662463463.