5 Things You Can Cook in an Outdoor Pizza Oven

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Were you aware that the average American eats approximately 46 slices of pizza annually

People enjoy pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They love the popular comfort food for special occasions and non-special occasions with tons of different topping combinations. But rather than dine in at a pizzeria or have a pizza delivered to your home, how about doing it yourself?

You can up the ante by getting an outdoor pizza oven to enjoy authentic pizzas. It’ll be a step up from making them in your kitchen oven.

An outdoor pizza oven will give your family options, whether having lunch as a family unit, hosting a party, or planning a movie night. In addition to creating great pizzas outdoors, you can also cook those pizzas faster since an outdoor pizza oven will get hotter than your kitchen oven. That’ll be helpful when feeding a crowd of hungry guests who can hardly wait to chow down.

But you may also be interested in learning that you can cook more than just pizzas in pizza ovens. 

Keep reading to see five things you can cook, besides pizzas, in an outdoor pizza oven.

  1. Steak

If you always order a thick, juicy steak at your favorite restaurant, an outdoor pizza oven is for you. That’s because an outdoor pizza oven makes a lot more than pizza. You can cook, in a matter of minutes, a ribeye steak that’s as good as, if not better, than anything you can buy at the classiest and most upscale restaurants. But the meal will come at a fraction of the price when you season and flame-cook it yourself in your backyard. The outdoor pizza oven will seal in the juices that create succulent steaks. And you won’t have to wait as long as if you cook it on a BBQ.

  1. Potato Chips
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Most of the chips sold at supermarkets are unhealthy — and that’s putting it mildly. They’re high in fat and sodium. But you can create potato chips in an outdoor pizza oven. You just need to slice, season, and place the potatoes in the outdoor pizza oven. The machine will do the rest, and you’ll get mouth-watering potato chips that are healthier and tastier than anything at the supermarket.

  1. Turkey

While most people cook their holiday turkeys in the oven for Thanksgiving and Christmas, other brave souls deep fry their turkeys in deep fryer machines. That might give you a nice, juicy turkey that’s crisp on the outside and moist on the inside. But deep frying turkeys is also a risky proposition due to fire hazards. It’s safer to cook your festive bird in an outdoor pizza oven. Whether you have the space to cook it whole or have to cut it up, preparing the meal in an outdoor pizza oven will be a game-changer. You’ll get a bird that’s perfectly cooked and full of flavor.

  1. Baked Goods

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that you can bake more than just pizza in a pizza oven. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll be happy to know that you can bake cakes, pies, and brownies in an outdoor pizza oven. You’ll want to keep an eye on it, though, since it’ll bake faster than if cooked in the kitchen oven. The last thing you want is to burn it.

  1. Lasagna 

You can also bake lasagna in an outdoor pizza oven. Layer it in a baking dish how you’d normally do and cook it in the outdoor pizza oven. In no time flat, you’ll have a mouth-watering dish.

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You can use an outdoor pizza oven for a lot more than pizzas. These five suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. If you can cook it on your stove or in your oven, there’s a good chance you can cook it in an outdoor pizza oven.