Jindal Hospital Hisar Doctors List | Address | Contact Numbers

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In this article, we will discuss the Jindal Hospital Hisar Doctors List and also its Address and Contact Number. The most priceless gift is life, and health is our greatest value. Health maintenance is crucial, and only hospital professionals can make that happen. Around the world, many excellent doctors put forth a lot of effort to improve society and help us live better lives.

 Jindal Hospital Hisar Doctors List , Jindal Institute of Medical Care
Welcome to Jindal Hospital Hisar

Jindal Hospital is one of the excellent hospitals that has earned a great reputation for its high-quality medical care. The main aim of Jindal Hospital Hisar is to provide free healthcare treatment to heal patients. This page will provide the full information on the Jindal Hospital which is located at Hisar, Haryana.

Jindal Hospital Hisar Doctors List


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Praveen MongaDNB, M.S – Ophthalmology
Dr. Sunil AgrawalM.S – Ophthalmology
Dr. Sundeep PannuM.S – Vitreo Retina Surgeon
Dr. Kumkika KansalM.S – Medical Retina Specialist

Neuro Surgery

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Pankaj AilawadhiM.Ch – Neuro Surgery
Dr. Vijay KumarM.Ch – Neuro Surgery

Dermatologist in Jindal Hospital Hisar

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Devender JasujaM.D – Dermatologist


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Ankit GoelDM (AIIMS, New Delhi) – Neurologist

ENT – Neck And Head Surgery

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Mohit VashishtM.S – ENT
Dr. Madhuri MehtaM.S – ENT
Dr. Ritika BahetiM.S – ENT

Radiation Oncology

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Abhijeet TiwariMD (Radiation Oncologist)
Dr. Deepak KumarMD (Radiation Oncologist)

Bariatric And General Surgery

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Ravi HissariaMS – Bariatric & General Surgeon
Dr. Chander ShekharMS – Bariatric & General Surgeon


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Varuna GargM.D – Anaesthesia
Dr. Ritu ChopraM.D – Anaesthesia
Dr. Monica GoyalM.D, DNB – Anaesthesia
Dr. Shinjini LahariDNB – Anaesthesia
Dr. Shekhar SinhaM.D – Anaesthesia
Dr. Varun GuptaDNB – Anaesthesia


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Sunil GoelDM, Gastroenterology
Dr. Vivek BansalDM, Gastroenterology

Cardiology And Cardiac Surgery

Cardiologists diagnose, examine, and treat patients with abnormalities and disorders of the cardiovascular system, which includes the heart and blood arteries. If you are looking for a Cardiologist specializing in Consultant Cardiology and Echocardiology, the following name is for you.

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Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Neeraj MongaMD (Cardiac Anaesthesia)
Dr. Deepak BhardwajDM, Cardiologist
Dr. Nidhi SharmaDNB (Cardiac Anaesthesia)
Dr. Ashok Kumar Chahal M.Ch (Cardiac Surgery)
Dr. Animesh AggarwalDM, Cardiologist

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Medical Oncology

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Bhratri BhushanMedical Oncologist
Dr. Satya NarayanMD, DNB


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Veena GuptaMD – Peadiatrics
Dr. Priyanka AilawadhiD.Ch – Peadiatrics
Dr. Navneet BhatnagarMD – Peadiatrics

Paediatric Surgery

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Gaurav PrasharM.Ch – Paediatric Surgeon


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Uma Shankar GaurDM – Nephrologist


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Neha GargDNB, MD – Pulmonologist

Surgical Oncology

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Ramesh Kumar KaswanM.ch. (Onco Surgeon)
Dr. ChanchalDNB, MS (Onco Surgeon)

Internal Medicine Department in Jindal Hospital Hisar

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Sonika ChaudharyInternal Medicine
Dr. Soni KhuranaInternal Medicine
Dr. Inderjeet KhuranaInternal Medicine
Dr. Sandeep ChaudharyDNB – Internal Medicine
Dr. Anjali GuptaInternal Medicine
Dr. Tushar TanwarInternal Medicine
Dr. Bhushan S BansalMD – Internal Medicine
Dr. Renu Duhan SheokandMD – Internal Medicine

Plastic Surgery

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Vishal Mohan GoyalPlastic Surgeon
Dr. Vikas JainM.Ch – Plastic Surgeon


Urologists are medical professionals who have completed further training to specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing disorders affecting both males’ and females’ urinary systems and reproductive organs. Visit the Jindal Hospital Hisar if you want to get quality care. We have given information about their qualifications below.

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Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Abhinav AggarwalM.Ch – Urologist
Dr. Sidharth GuptaM.Ch – Urologist
Dr. Shashi VermaUrologist

Fetal Medicine

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Kritika SinghM.S – Fetal Medicine


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Shubham MehtaMD – Psychiatrist


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Anu SharmaM.D – Radiodiagnosis
Dr. Utkarsh MadanM.D – Radiodiagnosis
Dr. Sandeep KumarDNB – Radiodiagnosis
Dr. Ankush MehtaRadiodiagnosis
Dr. Teenu SinghM.D – Radiodiagnosis
Dr. Pankaj KumarDNB – Radiodiagnosis
Dr. Priyanka ChhabraDMRD – Radiodiagnosis

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Obstetrician & Gynecologists

Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctor is for normal checkups of female patients and diagnosis and monitoring of illnesses and disorders. The highly qualified doctor we recommend for you is given below with their qualification and information.

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Sheetal VermaGynae
Dr. Shilpa KhetarpalM.S – Gynae
Dr. Shveta AggarwalDGO – Gynae


An orthopedic surgeon is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in diagnosing, treating, preventing, and rehabilitating injuries, illnesses, and diseases that impact the body’s musculoskeletal system. Read the information that is provided below if you want better care.

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Prasoon KamraMS – Orthopedics
Dr. Vishal GuptaMS – Orthopedics

Dental Surgery

Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Shivani BansalMDS – Dental Surgery
Dr. Neha GargBDS – Dental Surgery
Dr. Asha AggarwalBDS – Dental Surgery


Doctor’s NameDegree’s – Designation
Dr. Naveen GanerMPT – Physiotherapy
Dr. Shalu JangaraMPT – Physiotherapy
Dr. Radhey ShyamMPT – Physiotherapy
Dr. Subham MittalMPT – Physiotherapy
Dr. Aman RajMPT – Physiotherapy

Jindal Hospital Hisar, Institute of Medical Sciences Address & Contact

AddressJindal Institute of Medical Sciences, Model Town, Hisar, Haryana, Pincode : 125005, INDIA
Contact Phone:+91 01662 221169
Contact Mobile:+91 9896539182, 9896539128
Email ID :Email: info[at]ncjims[dot]org


How to make an appointment at Jindal Hospital Hisar ?

To schedule an appointment, the patient must phone the patient service desk at +91 9896539182, 9896539128.