Madras Medical College Doctors List | Address | Contact Numbers

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In this article, we will discuss the Madras Medical College Doctors List and also its Address and Contact Number. The most priceless gift is life, and health is our greatest value. Health maintenance is crucial, and only hospital professionals can make that happen. Around the world, many excellent doctors put forth a lot of effort to improve society and help us live better lives.

Madras Medical College Doctors List
Welcome to Madras Medical College

Madras Medical College is one of the excellent hospitals that has earned a great reputation for its high-quality medical care. The main aim of Madras Medical College is to provide free healthcare treatment to heal patients. This page will provide the full information on the Madras Medical College which is located at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Madras Medical College Doctors List

Physiology & Experimental Medicine

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. P. SathyaProfessor
Dr. A. ParimalaProfessor
Dr. R. Vijaya LakshmiProfessor
Dr. C. ThirupathiAssociate Professor
Dr. S. KavithaAssistant Professor
Dr. T.N Vijaya LakshmiAssistant Professor
Dr. R. Shanthi MalarAssistant Professor
Dr. R. SubramanianTutor
Dr. K. Aanandha SubramaniamAssistant Professor
Dr. V. GowriAssistant Professor
Dr. D.indumathiAssistant Professor
Dr. A. Shakeela BanuDirector & Professor
Dr. J.Anitha PonmalarAssistant Professor
Dr. V. SumathiAssistant Professor
Dr. Syed SafinaAssistant Professor

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Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. R. ChitraaProfessor
Dr. K. PramilaProfessor
Dr. S. KavithaAssistant Professor
Dr. Selvi D TutorTutor
Dr. Menaka Shanthi KAssistant Professor
Dr. Sudha Presanna BAssistant Professor
Dr. V YogeswariAssistant Professor
Dr. Veena JulietteAssistant Professor
Dr. B Lavanya DeviAssistant Professor
Dr. P NirmaladeviAssistant Professor
Dr. T UmaTutor
Dr. Parimala MTutor
Dr. K. RamadeviDirector & Professor


Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. Lakshmipriya NM.D, DCH
Dr. Sripriya C SM.D
Dr. U UmadeviM.D (Professor)
Dr. R VanajaM.D (Professor)
Dr. David AgathaM.D
Dr. Therese Mary DM.D
Dr. Euphrasia Latha JM.D (Professor)
Dr. Natesan BM.D, DLO
Dr. Rathnapriya NM.D (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Deepa RM.D (Assistant Professor)
Dr. S Thasneem BanuM.D (Professor)
Dr. Ramani C.PM.D (Professor)
Dr. N DevasenaM.D (Professor)
Dr. Usha Krishnan KM.D (Assistant Professor)
Dr. Rosy VennilaM.D (Professor)
Dr. Venkatesh K.GM.D (Assistant Professor)


Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. S. RameshkannanM.D (Assistant Professor)
Dr. B Vasanthi M.D (Professor)
Dr. A MeeradeviM.D (Assistant Professor)
Dr. K M SudhaM.D (Professor)
Dr. K PriyadarshaniM.B.B.S (Tutor)
Dr. MeenakshiM.D (Assistant Professor)
Dr. S. DeepaM.D (Associate Professor)
Dr. A C YegneshwaranM.B.B.S (Tutor)
Dr. S SuganeshwariM.D (Assistant Professor)
DR. KMS SUSILAM.D (Director & Professor)
Dr. R VishnupriyaM.D (Assistant Professor)

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Professors of Pathology Institure

Doctor’s NameDegrees
Dr. J. Bharathi Vidhya JayanthiDirector & Professor
Dr. A.p. Rajesh NatarajAssistant Professor
Dr. SakunthalaTutor
Dr. UmeshAssociate Professor (Blood Bank)
Dr. N.V VanithaAssistant Professor
Dr. K IndhumathiAssistant Professor
Dr. Sudha VenkateshProfessor
Dr. Geetha DevadasProfessor
Dr. P. VijayabaskarAssistant Professor
Dr. M. RevathiTutor
Dr. M. JayanandhiniTutor
Dr. S PadmaTutor
Dr. Dhanalakshmi SAssistant Professor
Dr. M.P KanchanaProfessor
Dr. K. RamaProfessor
Dr. V. RamamoorthyProfessor
Dr. Narmadha RAssistant Professor
Dr. P. RamyaAssistant Professor
Dr. Umadevi SrinivasanTutor
Dr. S. SubashAssociate Professor (Blood Bank)
Dr. PadmakanthaTutor
Dr. S. PappathiProfessor
Dr. Rajavelu IndiraProfessor
Dr. M PriyadharshiniAssistant Professor
Dr. S. SubithaAssistant Professor
Dr. R. PadmavathiProfessor

Madras Medical College (MMC) Address & Contact Number

Address :Poonamallee High Road, Near Station, Park Town, Madras (Chennai) Tamil Nadu, INDIA
Pincode : 600003
Contact No.044 2530 5000
Official Website :


Where is Madras Medical College Hospital located?

Madras Medical College is located at Poonamallee High Road, Near Station, Park Town, Madras (Chennai) Tamil Nadu, INDIA

What is the contact number for Madras Medical College ?

By this number 044 2530 5000, you can contact Madras Medical College.

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