On the Issue of Milk – Raw Milk in Its Pure form is a Wonder Drink

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The mainstream media has infected your brain with the idea that whole milk has too much fat and that it will raise your cholesterol, wreck your arteries, and make you obese. Last month I was with my girlfriend shopping, and I grabbed whole milk from the shelf. She stopped me and said she was on a diet and needed the skim milk with no fat. I told her how stupid that was, but she still bought the skim milk. This is what the mainstream media did to her brain. Now read what it will do to your body.

The reality is that you will get fat more quickly by drinking skim milk than whole milk. You see, whole (“high fat”) milk has bioactive substances such as linoleic acid (the same fatty acid used today in supplements for fat burning!) that alter metabolism in a way that helps your body use fat as energy.

You know why olive oil is so famous in the health food world? Because of its oleic acid content. Guess what… whole milk contains oleic acid, too. It’s a very heart-healthy fatty acid.

Whole milk has fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, K, and E. By choosing skim milk you choose not to get those precious vitamins from your milk.

Why do people who drink whole milk have lower rates of diabetes and being overweight? Study the science or read my articles and you will find out.

School lunch programs provide only low-fat milk. An interesting study was done on this subject; it monitored 4,000 adults over 15 years and found that those who consumed full-fat dairy products had on average a 46% lower risk of getting diabetes than those on low-fat dairy products. The logic is simple. If you reduce your fat intake, your body naturally craves more sugars, or carbohydrates. Sugars wreck your insulin function and put you at risk for diabetes. The experts didn’t count on the fact that if you lower your fat intake you compensate by eating more carbohydrates.

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Diabetes is not the only problem. Choosing whole milk instead of skim milk also reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Did you know that 80 years ago skim milk was not sold in stores? In fact it was thrown away or used to feed chickens and hogs. At that time whole milk was marketed as a wholesome food for children. The price of whole milk increased, so skim milk came into use as a less expensive altrnative. Dairy companies told people that it would help them lose weight. This is how skim milk became popular. Just remember that it was once used to feed the pigs.

You may ask, “Okay, what about almond milk, Alex?”

Almond milk is a compelling idea that makes you think you get all the benefits of almonds along the milk content. Too bad this isn’t true. It neither gives you the benefits of almonds themselves (protein and fat) nor the benefits of whole milk because it lacks calcium. The label could hypnotize anybody: 50% fewer calories than whole milk (due to the low fat content) and no cholesterol or saturated fats (which the mainstream media still believes is a good thing).

My take on this is that the intent behind the almond milk craze was good, but it’s missing all the benefits of milk.

Raw milk in its pure form is a wonder drink. The problem started when pasteurization of milk was introduced due to the fear of bovine tuberculosis, which led governments to issue laws about pasteurization. Sadly this pasteurization process downgraded milk from a wonder drink to a regular drink.

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Pasteurization is known to:

  • Kill lactic-acid-producing bacteria, which are known to actually PROTECT you against pathogens like SALMONELLA
  • Deplete the magnesium, calcium, and potassium in milk
  • Destroy 50% of the vitamin C and up to 90% of other vitamins
  • Destroy enzymes that aid digestion of proteins

There is another problem in how cows are raised. Grass is their natural food, yet cows are now fed soy, which makes regular milk devoid of precious conjugated linoleic acid, which is known to play a role in fighting obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

If you’re not afraid of salmonella, raw milk is the way to go instead of whole milk, and is certainly better for you than skim milk.

Many people take issue with cows being fed growth hormones, but that’s not such a big deal. Growth hormone does get into your system when you drink milk, but so what? It’s just a protein that once ingested gets broken down into amino acids just like any other protein you ingest.

So don’t shy away from whole milk or raw milk. It’s a healthy food!

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