Vydehi Hospital Bangalore Doctors List, Address & Contact Number

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In this article, we will discuss the Vydehi Hospital Bangalore Doctors List and also its Address and Contact Number. The most priceless gift is life, and health is our greatest value. Health maintenance is crucial, and only hospital professionals can make that happen. Around the world, many excellent doctors put forth a lot of effort to improve society and help us live better lives.

Welcome to Vydehi Hospital Bangalore

Vydehi Hospital Bangalore is one of the excellent hospitals that has earned a great reputation for its high-quality medical care. The main aim of Vydehi Hospital Bangalore is to provide free healthcare treatment to heal patients. This page will provide the full information on the Vydehi Hospital which is located at Whitefield, Bangalore.

Vydehi Hospital Bangalore Doctors List


Cardiologists diagnose, examine, and treat patients with abnormalities and disorders of the cardiovascular system, which includes the heart and blood arteries. If you are looking for a Cardiologist specializing in Consultant Cardiology and Echocardiology, the following name is for you.

Dr.V.K. SrinivasProfessor
Dr.Vijay Sai ChowdekarAssoc. Professor
Dr.Anupam BhambhaniAssoc. Professor
Dr.LalithaAsst. Professor
Dr.Prajith PasamSr.Resident
Dr.Balusani PrashanthJr. Resident
Dr.Shreevidya GJr. Resident

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Dr.Akshay KonnurAsst. Professor
Dr.Krishnaveni VanapalaSr. Resident
Dr.Soumya MedarametlaSr. Resident
Dr.Shashank JaiswalSr. Resident
Dr.Saroja Keerthi Vyas KSr. Resident
Dr.Srinivas RSr. Resident


Dr. NameDesignation
Dr. Anantha KishanProfessor &HOD
Dr. VaradaraJuAssoc. Professor
Dr. Sandeep B.VAsst. Professor
Dr.Manpreet Singh BangaAsst. Professor
Dr. Arunkumar M.ASr. Resident
Dr. Arjun H DevSr. Resident
Dr. Rajesh Babu DSr. Resident
Dr. Halhalli SangameshSr. Resident

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Surgical Oncology

Dr.Ganesh.M.S.Professor & HOD
Dr.B.R.KeerthiAssoc. Professor
Dr.HemanthAsst. Professor
Dr.Amrutha PrabhaAsst. Professor
Dr.Abhinay.IAsst. Professor
Dr.Shah Urvish KamleshbhaiSr. Resident
Dr.Garima SarawgiSr. Resident
Dr.Rahul SurapaneniSr. Resident
Dr.Bathala Udayee TejaSr. Resident
Dr.Khyati MelantaSr. Resident

Plastic Surgery

A plastic surgeon is a medical specialist who has chosen to conduct reconstructive, cosmetic, and corrective procedures. If you are looking for the greatest Plastic Surgeon, you can go to Vydehi Hospital Bangalore, where you can meet the finest Plastic Surgeon below.

Dr.Subha DhuaProfessor
Dr.ThyagarajAsst. Professor
Dr.Ashrith I MSr. Resident
Dr.Dikshit Vashisht Venkatesh KetkiSr. Resident
Dr.Niharika ManneSr. Resident
Dr.ShifaRaheelSr. Resident

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Dr.Vijaya Sarathi H.AProfessor
Dr.Sridevi AtluriAssoc. Professor
Dr.Kolla GauthamSr. Resident
Dr.Barure Ramdas BharatSr. Resident
Dr.Nishchitha KSr. Resident
Dr.Sumanasa Gopala Datta KolliSr. Resident


Urologists are medical professionals who have completed further training to specialize in diagnosing, treating, and preventing disorders affecting both males’ and females’ urinary systems and reproductive organs. Visit Vydehi Hospital Bangalore if you want to get quality care. We have given information about their qualifications below.

Dr.Parachuru SanjayProfessor & HOD
Dr.Krishnaiah Shetty. M.VProfessor
Dr.Venkateswara RaoAsst. professor
Dr.Chetan J.V.Asst. professor
Dr. Aslam MohammedAsst. professor
Dr.KunalMehraSr. Resident
Dr.Rahul Kumar ChaturvediSr. Resident
Dr.Harsha RSr. Resident

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Dr. Girish P. VakraniAssoc. Professor
Dr. Manoj Kumar. VJr. Resident
Dr. Azahar HussainJr. Resident


Dr. Geeta S. NarayananProfessor& HOD
Dr. Bhaskar VishwanathanProfessor
Dr. C. G PrameelaProfessor
Dr. Richa TiwariAsst. Professor
Dr. Vandana SinghAsst. Professor
Dr. Divya ShreeAsst. Professor
Dr. Rashmi SAsst. Professor
Dr. Ashwini. LSr. Resident
Dr.Melvin Daniel LalSr.Resident
Dr.Goyal SurekhaSr.Resident
Dr. Parikshith JJr. Resident
Dr Dasari Esther PraisyJr. Resident
Dr. Raahin SulthanaJr. Resident
Dr. GurubasappaJr. Resident
Dr. Chatakonda Sai SnehitJr. Resident
Dr. Priyanka SangurmathJr. Resident
Dr. Jaswanthi A RJr. Resident
Dr. Pranitha S LJr. Resident
Dr. Shreya S KaundinyaJr. Resident
Dr. Ujval VenugopalJr. Resident
Dr. Salman Khurshid ShahJr. Resident
Dr. Veda Varshini D NathJr. Resident
Dr. Ameen Abdul RahmanJr. Resident
Dr. Santhosha RJr. Resident
Dr. Priyanka M VJr. Resident

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Vydehi Hospital Bangalore Address & Contact Information

Address82, Nallurahalli, Whitefield, Bangalore (Bengaluru) – 560 066
Contact080-49069000, 080 6111 1111
Patients Emergency+91-80-4125 9032, +91-80-49069000