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EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna provides high-quality medical care, which has contributed significantly to the hospital‘s rise to prominence. During a single year, hundreds of patients from all across India make their way to this particular hospital in search of superior medical care.

As a result, many people want to know the EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna Doctors List, Contact Number, and Booking Number before deciding whether or not to seek treatment at this facility. Everything you need to know about the EMS Hospital in Perinthalmanna is included on this page.

ems hospital perinthalmanna doctors list, contact number
Welcome to EMS Memorial Co Operative Hospital and Research Center

EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna Contact Number

Company Name and Details: EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna

Contact Number: +91 4933 225751 – 225755, 276000

Email Address: info@emshospital.org.in.

Address: EMS MEMORIAL CO-OPERATIVE HOSPITAL & RESEARCH CENTRE Ltd. Perinthalmanna, Malappuram Dt. Kerala, India.

Website: www.emshospital.org.in/

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EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna Doctors List

You may visit our below EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna experts and receive treatment at an inexpensive rate if you want to get rid of your disease as quickly as possible and go back to your regular routines without any significant downtime or major problems. You may see the list of doctors working at EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna.

  • Dr. T.P Moinul Haq, MD, DM (Neurology)
  • Dr. Arun Gopalakrishnan Pudoor. MBBS, DNB (GM), DM (Neurology
  • Dr. Jayakrishnan A V, MS(Ortho), Mch (Neuro Surgery)
  • Dr. Rinku Paul Joy, MS, MCh (Neuro Surgery)
  • Dr. Lakshminarayana, MD, DNB (General Medicine), DNB (Nephro), MNAMS
  • Dr. K V Raghunath MD, DM (Nephrology )
  • Dr. R Nandakumar, MD, DNB (General Medicine), DM, DNB (Gastroenterology)
  • Prof. Dr. Salahudheen, MD(Oncology& Radiotherapy), DMRT
  • Dr. K.R Biju, MD(Gynac), DGO, MCh(Urology)
  • Dr. G Narayanamoorthy, MS, DNB (Urology)
  • Dr. Kochu S Mani, DGO ( Deputy Medical Superintendent)
  • Dr. K.C Syamala Dev, DGO
  • Dr. M.R Sandhya, MS(Gynec)
  • Dr. M.M Ramadas, MD, DCH
  • DR. Shukoor, MBBS, DCH, MRCP
  • Dr. C.A Paul, MS, MCh(Pediatric Surgery)
  • Dr. K.P Sharafuddeen, MS(ENT)
  • Dr. Rajeev, MS(ENT)
  • Dr. Latheef, DA
  • Dr. Leena Mohan, DA
  • Dr. Thamarai Manalan, MD(Anaesthesiology)
  • Dr. Amina A, DA
  • Dr. C Somanathan, MD, DM (Cardiology)
  • Dr. Sunil Pisharadi, MD, DM (Cardiology)
  • Dr. Rajagopal, MD, DM(Cardiology)
  • Dr. Pradeep Sreekumar. MD, DNB (GM), DM Cardiology, MRCP(UK)
  • Dr. Renu P Kurup. DCH, DNB (Pead), FNB (Pead. Cardiology) (Visiting)
  • Dr. M.G Sijin, MS
  • Dr. Syed Faizal. DNB, MNAMS
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EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna Booking Number

An EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna’s first objective is to assist you as soon as possible. It might be within 24-48 hours. Some businesses may need more time. However, your problems should be rectified within 72 hours. They aim to have an excellent customer care staff to keep customers satisfied. It’s a direct link between a customer and their company.

EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna Booking Number

Businesses grow a solid and loyal customer base by delivering excellent customer service. The most vital aspect of a scalable company is satisfied customers. As a result, we are recommending that businesses ensure that their customers, clients, and users are delighted. Furthermore, personnel plays an integral part in the growth of a corporation. Their satisfaction is a company’s success. You’ll see that the EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna Booking Number is listed below.

Booking Phone Number: +91 4933 225751 – 225755, 276000

Email: info@emshospital.org.in

Why choose EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna?

Choosing an EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna hospital, that offers high-quality treatment is crucial to ensure everyone receives the most excellent possible healthcare. Here are five reasons why selecting this hospital for your healthcare.

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High-Quality, Easily Accessible Healthcare

In this hospital, you will get top-notch medical treatment, so picking the finest hospital is crucial. Several excellent hospitals employ cutting-edge medical technology and equipment and the most outstanding medical professionals to provide top-notch treatment.

Long-term Medical Results

The long-term patient results are a significant factor to consider while choosing the ideal hospital for your healthcare. EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna will be equipped with a wide range of cutting-edge medical tools and technology. These institutions often have diagnostic centers, MRIs, ultrasound machines, CT scanners, x-ray machines, and other advanced equipment. Even this will have robotic equipment that can carry out specific operations.

Education And Licensing of Doctors

Every patient adores going to the doctor’s office, which is the most well-educated in their profession. EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna includes licensed medical professionals and trained nurses. They’ll know the proper way to carry out processes and ensure everything goes according to plan. Additionally, the personnel has to get professional accreditation. These all serve as guarantees of competence and patient safety. Always carry copies of your medical records when you visit this hospital for healthcare. The medical staff will then be able to evaluate your medical history and go through your treatment choices with you.

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Another aspect to consider while choosing the finest hospitals for your treatment is the building itself. How does it appear? How pristine is it? Is it secure and safe? Does it seem friendly? Do they provide top-notch services? Many individuals don’t give the physical facility where they get treatment much thought, although many things go into making it successful.

Spending on facilities for patients and consumers is typical in hospitals. EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna provides roomy entrances, cozy lodgings, cutting-edge technology, and plenty of natural light. These characteristics are crucial because they motivate patients to remain longer and experience more relaxation.

Reviews and Ratings

Lastly, use EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna’s internet ratings and reviews to your advantage for each institution you are considering. Hospitals with four out of five stars are often seen as exceptional, although those with three ratings may still meet standards. Additionally, you may examine images and videos of the actual location, read authentic patient testimonies and learn about the EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna’s past.

Things to Do During Hospital Stay

You may lessen stress and have a great hospital experience by heeding the seven pieces of advice mentioned below before your visit. You’ll experience more serenity, assurance, and control.

Organize Your Paperwork

Find out from hospital personnel what forms you must complete. Everything will go more quickly if you can finish it before being admitted. Ask your doctor if there is anything you need to bring when you schedule surgery or another specialized treatment. Bring your social security card, a picture ID, and an insurance card with you when it’s time to check in.

Print Your Records

Make sure your medical records are up to date by speaking with your primary care doctor. During your stay, the hospital should be able to consult such documents, but don’t assume everything was received.

Bring a printed copy of your medical records, including your living will and durable power of attorney, a list of all the drugs you are presently taking, any allergies you may have, and the phone numbers for your regular physicians.

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Know Your Destination

Navigating a hospital’s corridors may be like attempting to find your way through a labyrinth since they are sometimes large, daunting buildings. When you phone to make an appointment, inquire about the closest parking lot. When you get there, check for landmarks and maps to assist you in navigating. You could even be able to retain a printed map of the building from the front desk.

Continue to Query

Working with your medical team will ensure you get the most acceptable treatment. You should participate, be ready, and ask questions because of this. Talking to the individuals, you’ll be interacting with at the hospital is the best method to cope with emotions of uncertainty. They may not correctly explain the process and the processes you must follow if you don’t ask questions.

Take note

Keep a journal once you check in to record who comes to your room, administers your prescriptions, and any other comments about your care. Even when you are not taking drugs that might impair your memory, doctors and nurses often give instructions very rapidly, making it challenging to remember everything. You’ll likely encounter several nurses, physicians, and other personnel throughout your stay, so writing down the specifics can also help you remember names!

Be Mindful of Discharge Protocols

You’ll be anxious to return home after surgery, but patience is a virtue throughout this procedure. Your doctor will instruct hospital workers to start the release procedure as soon as they decide you are ready to be released. Final assessments or lab procedures may need to be completed beforehand. You’ll get instructions from your nurse on any necessary follow-up appointments and medicines.

Ask inquiries once more before leaving the hospital. You have the right to speak with the nurse for as long as you need to and ask any questions you may have. A staff member will then help you depart the hospital.

Don’t Undervalue the Value of At-Home Rehabilitation

A friend or family member should be prepared to drive you home. When you go home, you could require ongoing care, so carefully adhere to any dietary, exercise, and prohibited activity guidelines. Keep all follow-up appointments, and keep enquiring.

Last Words – EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna

Time and health are two invaluable resources that we fail to understand and value until they are no longer available entirely. Leave a comment below if you require more description. You may contact EMS Hospital Perinthalmanna directly if you have any difficulties or concerns, and they will do their best to fix any of your issues as quickly as possible.

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