Just One Diet Change To Live Longer

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Diet with longest life expectancy

I want to tell you how a simple change in diet can activate your youth genes.

You will not only live longer but will also stay fitter and happier with yourself.

Professor Cynthia Kenyon discovered that carbohydrates can affect genes that are related to being young and increasing life span.

She was able to make roundworms live six times longer through gene manipulation.

It is the gene that controls insulin.

The interesting thing is that once she manipulated it, another gene switched on that is responsible for staying young and living a long life.

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She immediately changed her diet by cutting out carbohydrates. (Americans eat too many carbohydrates; that’s why so many have diabetes.)

Carbohydrates make most bodies produce excess insulin.

Once this happens, the gene that’s responsible for youth and longevity won’t turn on.

My grandpa developed diabetes even though he exercised rigorously. (Exercising is the strongest predictor for not developing diabetes!)

The interesting thing is, I knew he would end up being diabetic; his diet was full of carbohydrates.

He never went to a doctor, his health was impressive, but this one thing in his diet led to diabetes, and the saddest part – to death.

He used to work in the field ALL DAY, even in his seventies.

Everyone in his village thought he would live the longest.

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That’s when he developed diabetes.

You see, you can be seemingly very fit and healthy most of your life, but if your diet sucks you will end your life in sickness.

Insulin is a powerful hormone. If you learn how to control it, you can do wonders for your life.

Insulin is the only thing I care about in dieting.

By controlling this hormone you literally control the “elixir” of youth and well-being.

Researchers confirmed that insulin-like growth factors are linked to numerous forms of cancer.

A diet high in carbohydrates triggers increased insulin levels, and this is where things start to fall apart.

You know why rates of obesity, cancer, and diabetes soared up in the world, especially in the US?

It’s because of the “old-school science” advice that we need carbs for energy.

High fructose corn syrup and all the simple sugars in soda, grain products, muesli, cakes, pancakes, etc…. too much of this old school “energy” wreaks havoc in your body.

Insulin is the hormone that accelerates your aging more than any other.

Not only that, it impacts longevity by other means such as stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and vasoconstriction (reduction of blood flow).

Professor Kenyon’s work revolutionized the understanding of human aging. Longevity is in the genes.

Understanding this fact is what makes the difference in how we use this information to live long lives.

She found that carbohydrates affect two genes in our bodies that are responsible for longevity and being young.

With this understanding you can OVERRIDE genetic predispositions to disease through a simple tweaking of your diet.

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You may think, “But her research was done on roundworms; how does it affect other animals and humans?”

Well, her findings were successfully duplicated by other laboratories in different animals such as rats. Researchers concluded that humans also have these genes, and that she should get a Nobel prize for this discovery.

If her discovery of making roundworms live six times longer doesn’t excite you, then you are a fool.

If you ask what would be the second thing to do in order to live long, I would say CUT YOUR CALORIES.

If you read old books on health by the gurus who were health experts 600 years ago, you will find that they were all eating less than normal and ended up living longer than normal.

That’s why I like to say that you only need to cut calories from a specific source – carbohydrates, and that will SKYROCKET your health and longevity like you can’t imagine.

The daily news outlets reported that her research turned worms into teenagers.

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