Real Science Reveals This Forbidden Food Is Actually Healthy

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For decades public health organizations have been lying to you. There has been a huge public relations campaign designed to scare you away from some of the healthiest foods on the planet. As a result, many men are missing out on the health benefits of those foods. Eating those foods has been proven to improve liver, eye, hormone, and now even cardiovascular health better than drugs. Wonder why big business wants to convince you not to eat those foods? If you eat them, you won’t need their drugs. Read on to learn more and start taking control of your health.

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The History Of The War On Cholesterol

Many of the foods that have been demonized over the last half a century are foods that are high in cholesterol. The poster food for the war on cholesterol is the egg. As a result, over the years egg consumption has steadily declined. Guess what else has declined at the same rate? Testosterone levels, heart health, and liver health, to name a few.

But despite what you’ve been led to believe, science has never shown that dietary cholesterol is bad for health. As we’ll see, science has shown the opposite.

So how is it that people ever began making such a grave mistake? In the 1950s researchers found that the amount of cholesterol in the blood was a good way to predict some types of diseases. In particular, high levels of cholesterol in the blood were linked with high rates of cardiovascular disease. But the people who found that were smart enough to know that dietary cholesterol wasn’t the cause. In fact, one of the lead researchers clearly stated that dietary cholesterol was healthy and not cause for concern.

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However, less honest people  with an agenda seized the opportunity to promote a simple (but dishonest) message. The message was this: “Eating cholesterol raises your blood cholesterol, and that will kill you.”

Since then most people have become convinced that they should avoid or limit high cholesterol foods like eggs. That’s really too bad because cholesterol and foods that contain cholesterol offer unique nutrition that we need. And as we’ll see, they are an important part of a healthy diet.

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What Science Has To Say

Researchers have been into the effects of dietary cholesterol for decades. They have found no evidence linking dietary cholesterol to heart disease. In fact, here are a few statements from such studies.

  • “egg consumption is not associated with the risk of [heart disease]”
  • “recommendations limiting dietary cholesterol should be reconsidered”
  • “no risk in developing coronary heart disease by increasing their intake of cholesterol”
  • “higher consumption of eggs […] is not associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease or stroke”

Those statements are extremely clear. And those findings are consistent across studies. To date no credible evidence has been found linking dietary cholesterol to any diseases.

For a while researchers were puzzled because they found that among diabetics egg consumption seemed to be linked to higher rates of some symptoms. However, when researchers looked more closely, they found that eating eggs protects people against diabetes and complications of diabetes.

Dietary Cholesterol Improves Blood Cholesterol

Now here’s the really amazing thing. Researchers were asking the wrong question for a long time. They wanted to know if dietary cholesterol caused disease. But they never asked the right question, which is this: “Does dietary cholesterol protect against disease?”

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Recently, some studies have begun to ask the right question. And here’s what they have found. Eating dietary cholesterol actually improves heart health. They found that when people eat more cholesterol the “bad” types of cholesterol transporters (LDL) decrease and the “good” types of cholesterol transporters (HDL) increase.

In other words, the more eggs one eats, the cleaner their arteries become. So not only have the people promoting the “dietary cholesterol is bad” message been wrong, the exact opposite is true!

In fact, research is now showing that elevated cholesterol in the blood may not be the problem. It may merely be a sign of the problem. Researchers are finding that the real problem is oxidative stress to the blood vessels. And, in fact, cholesterol may be protective. This is demonstrated by the fact that drugs that lower cholesterol levels can actually increase rates of death.

So instead of trying to simply get rid of cholesterol in the blood, a better solution is to repair the damage. And we are now seeing that dietary cholesterol may play a role in helping to repair the damage.

The Other Benefits of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is an essential substance in the body. It forms the membrane of every single cell. It creates the protective sheath around nerves. The essential ingredient in bile, which is needed for digestion. And it is the building block of natural hormones like testosterone.

Not only that, but foods that are high in cholesterol like eggs and liver are excellent sources of other key nutrients. For example, they are the very best sources of choline. Choline is critical for liver health. Without it science has shown that people develop fatty liver disease. On the other hand, eating choline-rich foods like eggs can reverse liver disease.

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High cholesterol foods like eggs and liver have also been shown to improve eye health. They are one of the most promising remedies to macular degeneration. And dietary cholesterol has been shown to reduce inflammation. Plus cholesterol is an antioxidant.

What To Do Now?

As we’ve seen, science has vindicated dietary cholesterol. And high cholesterol foods like eggs and liver are particularly healthy because they are some of the best sources of important nutrients (apart from cholesterol) that improve health. So eating these foods regularly is not only potentially delicious, but also healthy.

Of course, merely eating cholesterol won’t guarantee that you’ll remain healthy forever. But it can be an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Eating eggs often and liver occasionally along with reducing stress, improving sleep, and otherwise taking care of yourself can help increase your health and the quality of your life.

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